Susie and Ted
Susan Dobbins Icely Horwitz (1943 - 1997)
Take Two's original female vocalist

"Take Two" began with the marriage of Ted Horwitz and Susie Icely. Originally Susie and Ted both played keyboards and sang. Their first performance together was in February of 1989.

Susie was involved with music all her life. It was in the genes: her mother Thelma was also a pianist, and her father Joe Dobbins Joe was a drummer in the big band era, and a WBNS radio personality. Joe also was a sportscaster for Ohio State basketball games.

Susie studied voice and piano at The Ohio State University, as well as drama at the Pasadena Playhouse in Pasadena, California. A great sight-reader, she was much in demand as a piano accompanist. She was known for her sweet, caring disposition and wacky sense of humor.

She was very active in little theater and played leading roles in such musical comedies as "Fiorello", "Take Me Along", "Mame", and "Guys and Dolls".

Susie was also a cast member and soloist for 25 years in the annual musical production "Vaud-Villities". V-V was a very big part of her life, and she became very close to much of the cast over the years. She was involved with many delightful production numbers. In one, she sang the lead in a serious-appearing performance of "In The Mood" where she clucked the melody like a chicken. This was repeated in a number of V-V shows, and (much to her chagrin) is probably the performance she is best remembered for.

For eight years Susie and Ted shared the joy of making music together, and brought that joy to others. They built up quite a following of wonderful friends. However, in August 1997, Susie was diagnosed with cancer, and she passed away on October 4 at the age of 54. She insisted that "Take Two" live on, and so musical performance and expression now takes on special meaning for Ted. He has retained the name, although the personnel makeup and size of "Take Two" now varies.

Ted says, "Many of our current friends and fans knew Susie, and as we grieve together, we keep her memory alive through music."


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