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"Take Two" is a unique concept. We offer live music that can be tailored to meet the musical needs of any age group, any setting, and any budget. Therefore, there is no one right answer to this question. Your cost will depend on what sort of package we provide for you, as well as the date, time and location of your event.

The big mistake many people make is that this is the ONLY question they ask! Don't fall into that trap. Entertainment is the most important factor in the success of your event. Price should be your LAST consideration. Regardless of what kind of music you are considering, find out how good they are, THEN consider the price. And dont be fooled you really do "get what you pay for!" We are not the cheapest -- but we are the best!

We do have pricing guidelines, but each situation is different. Please email or call us with details of your event requested below. This information will help us assist you in choosing the "Take Two" option that is right for you. We will check our availability and develop a specific price proposal just for you. Or let us know how much you would like to spend, and we will tell you what that amount will buy.

By submitting this information, you are under no obligation to book our services.

We make every effort to price fairly, considering the effort level required for your particular event, our quality and versatility, and what others in the market are charging. We also try to offer whatever incentives we can to encourage your business.

We believe if you shop and compare, you will agree that we offer unmatched value. Our availability for prime dates is very limited, so act now!

Event details:
(Click on the email link below, then copy and paste the following questions into your email software)

Type of event?
Date and starting and ending times?
How many people will be in attendance? What will the mix of age ranges be?
How much would you like to spend on entertainment?
Please describe the atmosphere you envision at your event:
   What type of music (quiet background music, elegant dance tunes,
         or peel-the-paint-off-the-wall rock and roll)?
   Particular tunes or styles you want or don't want?
   Energy level (quiet conversation, lively dancing, or screaming rave)?
   Should we act as Master of Ceremonies, make announcements, etc., or keep quiet?
   Stage lighting and effects desired (mirror ball, fog machine, etc.)?

Please include any other information or ideas that might help us make your event a success!

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